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ATOM is a web database.

You don't need to possess programming skills. You can create your ATOM database by clicking in your web browser. Task management, project management, CRM, document store or anything else you need for your business and/or hobbies. Transparent. Fast. Powerful. For you, your colleagues or friends. How valuable is your time?

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Administration of robust data stores is often very hard and boring work. Atom is a solution that can make its users feel happy to work with and enjoy adding new data or create new views on them. Try it!

Create your database from prefabricated patterns. Or let yourself be inspired by these patterns and then create your Atom from scratch. You can instantly improve all your data material and create endless added value to them.

Atom database is a cloud solution allowing easy access to your applications from anywehere in the world. All is managed purely through the browser. Including very effective faceted search.

Security is a crucial aspect, especially for business applications. Atom is not another blackbox. You can configure it in detail. Including mass data exports/imports which power is amazing!

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ATOM web database be available at a separate address for your testing.

ATOM at this address will be within 30 days trial period only yours. You will be able to try all the possibilities of the ATOM without any restrictions. No obligation, No credit card needed.

After 30 days trial period you may decide to follow up using ATOM as a paid service. If you do, your content will be retained. If not, you can export you content for backup or another usage.

Welcome to the web database, ATOM, and please keep in mind that its use is governed by the following 10 rules:

Rule No. 1: We appreciate you!

We appreciate your decision to use ATOM web database. For your satisfaction we will do everything that is at all possible.

Rule # 2: Data is stored in the "cloud"

Your data is stored on the "cloud" infrastructure.

Rule No. 3: Data limits to be observed

If you exceed the data limits belonging to your variant, you will be notified by e-mail with a proposal to move to higher variant according to applicable conditions. If we do not find a solution together, it may lead to suspension of service from our side.

Rule # 4: Your data is backed up

Data in your ATOM database are basically backed up. Besides that we highly recommend to back up data to your disks. This ATOM provides several options for this task.

Rule No. 5: We are not responsible for any data loss

For any data loss we can not accept any liability. Of course we do all possible for eliminating any data loss.

Rule No. 6: Data security is in your hands

Only those who allow it can access to the content in your ATOM web database. Typically, those who have their own account. Within the test period we highly recommend to allow access also to ATOM support team..

Rule No. 7: Data transmissions are not encrypted

Data transfers between a web browser and atomic databases are not encrypted by default.

Rule No. 8: Good manners must be kept

We assume that the data in your ATOM database are in accordance with goog manners in the sense that this term is generally understood. If we find that they are not, we reserve the right to terminate the your ATOM database immediately.

Rule 9: Address customer support is

Do not hesitate to contact us at the above e-mail customer support with any inquiries or questions. For quick and comprehensive answer we will do everything we can.

Rule No. 10: Rules of changes in conditions

These terms of use ATOM web database, options and prices can be changed at any time. In case of this change we'll behave correctly. E.g. if we'll reduce the price in the price list, we'll reduce it to all. And if we'll increase some price current users will remain untouched by this.